Nine Words

by Floral Warfare

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The work on "Nine Words" started around february 2015. The idea spawned from a book of nine poems Victor had, and from which he drew great inspiration. The idea was very welcome to the other members, and an idea for an album of stories came to be. Nine Words features five different stories about five different people, plus two "instrumental" tracks.


released March 1, 2016

We wish to thank Karl Ørn Ericksen for his cover art, and Live Andrea Gjessen Rasch for her vocals on "Salar de Uyuni".

Gabriel Vincent Andreassen: Synths, Piano, Synth bass, mix and master, songwriting.

Henrik Netland Svensen: Vocals, songwriting.

Victor Thaulow: Guitars, drum programming, song writing.



all rights reserved


Floral Warfare

Floral Warfare is a project, originating in late december 2013. The project consist of danish Victor Thaulow on guitar, norwegian Henrik Svensen on vocals, and norwegian Gabriel Vincent Andreassen on keys (pads, FX etc.)
Enjoy our stuff, and thanks for listening!
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Track Name: Before All of This
Stage the world,
now stage yourself
Don't let in nobody else

It's good
For now

Winters come and winters go
First the rain and then the snow

It's good
For now

Before all of this
Before all of this

The sun is out
Now run and hide
Don't show them what's inside

For now

Stage the world
Now stage yourself
Don't let out nobody else

It's good
For now
Track Name: Salar de Uyuni
Passing by
Towns of steel
Looking for
That one-time feel

Down the track
No stopping
Lead me back

If you find me there

The late nights
Where lights pass
Frail they are
Just like glass

So look for me
Beneath the moon rise
I'll be there

If you find me there
Track Name: Red Lamps
Picked up a book
From a dusty shelf
Saying Nine Words
All to yourself

Read it loud

And the poems
Came to life
In your hands
Laying waste to
All other plans

Oh give me back
The words of wealth
Words of meaning
Over words themselves

Cause they undo the
thoughts I have made
And rip up old
Foundations laid
Track Name: Beneath the Sea
Fill your hours with me
Beneath the sea
Where you'll be home
I'm not alone

Do they understand
When I shake their hand
The lengths I've gone
I'll see you at dawn
Track Name: The Reunion
See the glassy pines
Stretching like vines over me
Travelling birds
Going to work overseas

When summer comes back
I'll wait for you here yet again
You owe me as much
Please return this time

See the glassy pines